Duty Check-IN

DCI app is the simplest and easiest monitoring app loved by bosses around the world today!

Features of DCI

Check-In & Check-Out

Simple check-in and check-out tag which points to the employees current location.

Travel Point

Point-to-point travel tracking. Show how you get there and proof your travel expenses.

Manage Departments, Clients & Projects

Full customization in managing the company’s departments, projects, and also clients.

Employee Topology

DCI will capture your point of location and assist management to monitor your work and your safety.

Shift Management

Organizations which run on a shift mechanism call enable this feature for respective employee. 


Generate reports which analyze employees’ daily check-ins and travel to keep track of their daily productivity.

What is Duty Check-IN?

Duty Check-IN is a solution developed by our team for organizations to monitor and keep track of their employee’s productivity. This solution caters to both mobile and web applications. 

Why Duty Check-IN?

Duty Check-IN allows employers to keep track of their employee’s daily workload, travels, and generate reports which analyze employee’s daily productivity and traveling. DCI also allows employers to manage their employees according to their departments, manage their clients, and projects as well.


Duty Check-IN is based on simple affordable price scheme with necessary features for your needs.


$1 / month
  • Check-In and Check-Out
  • Travel, Shift & Overtime
  • Simple reporting
  • Mobile Application
  • Standard 8 by 5 email support

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