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What we do?

10 Infinity Data Networking & Data Center solution provides a next generation technologies to ensure the latest advancement of the networking solution & approach to reduce the complexity, simplify the operational and agile to the growth with our in-house subject matter experts (SME).

Services and Solutions we provide :-

  • Network Assessment & Consultation.
  • Network Design, Implementation, Upgrade & Migration.
  • Network Support, Maintenance, Monitoring & Managed Services.
  • Data Centre Automation Design & Build.

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What is Data Networking?..

The primary purpose of data transmission and networking is to facilitate communication and sharing of information between individuals and organizations. The two predominant types of data networks are broadcast networks, in which one node transmits information to several nodes simultaneously, and point-to-point networks, in which each sender communicates with one receiver. The three main methodologies for signals to be transmitted are including circuit switching, message switching, and packet switching. In the world of Information Technology (IT) information is a building block for effective communication. Communication is medium that helps us to drive our day-to-day professional and personal operations. Where computer networking acts as base of everything as the best and most important IT solutions.

Categories of Data Network

1) Personal Area Network (PAN)

2) Local Area Network (LAN)

3) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

4) Wide Area Network (WAN)

5) Cellular Data Network

6) Satellite Network

Data Center Network diagram

What is Data Center solutions?

Data centers often include backup components in case of a system failure and various security devices, demonstrating how important IT operations are to modern businesses. Data is the most critical asset of any organization and businesses are faced with the imminent challenges of managing and governing data while ensuring data compliance. Data management is critical for every company to improve business agility with up-to-date information available anywhere, anytime to the employees who need it most. There are four main types of data centers are Enterprise data centers, Managed services data centers, Colocation data centers, and Cloud data centers.

Importance of Data Centers

1) Provide centralized management and a stable governance approach to help better business decision-making.

2) An efficient Data Center solution for enterprise business can reduce barriers to internal operations that affect customer service.

3) Expertise in monitoring processes to identify risks and breaches within the required time frame to be able to deal with them effectively.

4) Innovative ways of data management and storage are being introduced by Data Centers that instigate more enterprises to branch out into the utilization of Cloud Computing.

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